So, I just got banned on Facebook for the 9th time. It wasn’t for hate speech, Nazi support, or foul language. It was for an opinion in general, not even anyone in particular. Was my 1st amendment rights violated?

For anyone that follows my political group on Facebook, sees my comments, or knows me personally, I would be considered a liberal even though I have and do [at times] support some conservative positions.

So my latest indiscretion on Facebook was commenting to a “friend” that “Americans are extremely ignorant — everyone on social media seems to be experts on topics…

I recently had a chat with Psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi, Ph.D. about what we could expect after the immediate pandemic recedes.

Doctor Rossi, thanks for taking the time to address this pandemic, which the world hasn’t seen anything like in a century. What do you foresee from a psychology standpoint for America?

“Many U.S. politicians and citizens want to believe the virus crisis will be a relatively short-term event. History and our own past experiences say we recover and move forward. The stock market experts have charts and graphs indicating a sharp recovery. As Americans, we are used to making…

There is no doubt that the U.S. has gone through a dramatic shift since the election of Donald J. Trump. But, the truth is that shift began with the rise of the Tea Party during the Obama administration.

Some will argue for the better, others for the worse.

Regardless of what you think of Trump the man, Trump the president has generated a lot of controversies.

With his recent acquittal in the impeachment Senate trial, Trump has certainly been emboldened to do as he pleases. He knows that as long as his base remains solid, the GOP Senate majority —…

From the day Donald J. Trump rode down the escalator at Trump Tower and announced his candidacy, it has been a reality show. He says outrageous and unpresidential things, takes to Twitter almost nonstop and continues to fill stadiums for rallies. Donald Trump has never felt constrained by his office to say whatever he wants to. Recently in Michigan, he attacked Congresswoman Debbie Dingle, while also eluding to her late husband possibly being in hell. In a very rare rebuke of Trump by Republicans, members of Congress did exactly that.

Whether you love him or don’t, President Trump is divisive…

As the descendant of a multicultural family (Irish, Russian, English, and Cherokee), I’m like a lot of immigrant-based Americans throughout the country.

Having lived for extended periods of time offshore in four cities on four different continents, provided me with a viewpoint that many don’t get to experience. It doesn’t make me smarter, or wiser, it only provides me with more information to draw upon. I had learned early on that to be able to have an unbiased view of a place and people, one has to leave their predeterminations, phobias, fears, and political views — as absolutes — at…

Bruce T. Dugan

A career entrepreneur & traveler, he comments on society, travel, and business.

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